About Green Shed

We're an ethically & environmentally driven web design company based near Machynlleth, Wales.

Why are we different you ask?

Well here goes...

Green Hosting

We only ever use Green Hosting companies, we like to mix it up between a number of them.

Our favourite is:

They use renewable energy to power & cool their servers.

Green Printing

The first R stands for reduce, so most of the time we don't print anything at all. But when we do print anything, we use a few different really lovely eco-printing people...

They're all cool.

Green Cleaning & Stationery

We use Ecover cleaning products, or local home-made ones (there are some useful people around these parts).

If we ever need to use it, our stationery comes from The Green Stationery Company, yeah that's right we love them too. There's a lot of love flying around.


We don't fly.

We're not trying to make anyone feel guilty, but we think that until they invent a plane that runs off squirrel tears - Grey squirrels, not Red ones, we respect the right to relocate, we encourage positive immigration, but we don't like the Greys' methods, like... well... murder - that's just not cool, so make the Greys cry we say! PETA can just shut their trap for once!

Anyway, sorry! Until they invent a plane that runs off GREY squirrel tears air travel is just too environmentally damaging. A return flight to LA is 11,000 miles & air travel is 3 times more damaging than travelling by car - it's all to do with the altitude, water vapour & albedo should you be interested - so that's the equivalent of driving 33,000 miles and can be done all in less than a weekend. So you can start to understand our dismay at our Mum's who don't shop in supermarkets, buy local, don't use chemicals, all great things, and then go & fly to New Zealand for a wee break!

Talk about undoing your good work!

Flying about willy-nilly also causes some sort of weird character change where people start to believe in this inalienable right to hyper-mobility, because it's the "definition of freedom" apparently; well, we're not convinced.

Rights are dependent on not impinging on others, like... for instance... our children being able to drink clean water or a third the world's population being able to feed themselves (future climate impacts should you wonder).

And besides, Tenerife does not strike us as liberating.

There's just too much to see in the UK & Tra[i]ns-Europe anyway (we copyright that phrase!).

We do love trains. Soooo much!!!

Bicycles might even be better than trains.

Tandems are just the pinnacle... we get really excited about tandems...